Large Format Graphics–UV


We have enhanced our large-format capabilities with the installation of a cutting-edge Vutek H3. The H3’s UV ink color cures immediately, allowing us to print on difficult surfaces. The use of a unique white ink on the H3 creates striking effects on clear or translucent materials, and with its “Ultra-Dot” capability, tiny details like 5pt. type are achievable.

The substrate possibilities are almost endless, including UltraBoard™, foam board, flute cardboard, acrylic, wood ceramic tiles, and even bricks up to 2” thick. So let your imagination soar: if it can lay flat, we can likely print on it! The Vutek also incorporates the Pantone® EFI loop system, which is great for matching, from Pantone to CMYK. Test us! You’ll be amazed at our ability to meet your exact vision right down to the last detail.                         

Vutek h3

Vutek h3

Digital Printing


The ability of digital presses to print without plates enables a world of possibilities. Using variable data, either text or images, to create high-quality, quick turnarounds for our clients, our digital press has helped change the workflow and economic models for printing. Cutting down supply-chain costs and simplifying the creation of marketing campaigns means a faster and more cost-effective way to create, and allows brands to reach their consumers in more dynamic and personalized ways.

HP Digital Printer

HP Digital Printer


Cut-vinyl Plotter

With Andresen's cut-vinyl plotters, size is no limit. And being experts at color means we have rolls and rolls to choose from. There are no constraints on your imagination at Andresen.

Large Format Graphics


Our Latex 3600 is another exceptional tool that can print up to 10 feet wide on a rolled substrate. The Latex 3600 is UL Greenguard® Gold certified, using environmentally-friendly water based inks with excellent color range. We think of the Latex 3600 as a high-tech solution to achieve super-graphics on a range of surfaces: linen, cotton, vinyl, paper, backlit material, and more.

HP Latex 3600

HP Latex 3600

Large Format Cutting


Andresen recently installed the Zünd G3 XL cutter. The Zünd XL is exactly as the name implies, featuring an impressive size with capabilities to cut panels in acrylic, wood, foamboard, paper, and vinyl materials— all up to 10 feet wide by infinite length in dimension. The Zünd is ideal for short-run projects and provides our customers with iterative prototyping and one-off custom executions.

The Zünd G3 excels in productivity and provides unsurpassed cut quality. It's the perfect symbiosis between intelligent control technology and precision mechanics. It’s also just plain fun!

Zünd G3XL - Digital Cutter

Zünd G3XL - Digital Cutter

Our equipment:

Vutek H3 126" Large Format Roll and Rigid ‐ UV Printing

HP Latex 3600 126" Large Format Latex Roll capabilities ‐ Latex

Indigo HP 5500 12 X 18 60 # Text to 16 PT

Indigo HP 7900 13 X 19 60 # text to 18 PT

Epson 9800 64" Large Format Printing 64 " X any length

Epson 7800 24" Large Format Printing 24 " X any length

Apple Mac‐ 8 Workstations

Morgana Letter Press Score Cutting Folding, Stitching Lay flat Binding

Morgana Folder Cutting Folding, Stitching Lay flat Binding

Zund G3 126" X 60" Digital Cutter, router, score, and reciprocating knife

Welder Vinyl Welding Capabilities for Hemming edges

Arco ‐ Heat Bending Plastic Heat Bending

Duplo Booklet Maker 14 X 20 Stitching and booklet Making

Laminator 64" Seal

Coating 64" Seal

Slitter 14" Automated Trimming

Kitting and Fulfillment Complete Kitting Capabilities

Gluing and Duplex 36" Gluing and Duplex

Wire-o 11" - 2-to-1 and 3-to-1 Dies


G7 Certified Master Printer


Moquin Press:

Heidelberg 105 CM 29 X 41 Heidelberg 6 Color Speedmaster with UV Coater

Heidelberg 105 CM 29 X 41 Heidelberg 6 Color Speedmaster with UV Coater

Digital 13 X 19 HP Indigo 7500

Digital 12 X 18 HP Indigo 5500

Die Cutting 28 X 40 Bobst Die Cutter ‐ Embosser With Auto Stripping

Die Cutting 28 X 40 Bobst BMA Foil, Emboss & Die Cut Capabilities

Die Cutting 21.25 X 28 Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutting