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Just three words but they encompass all that we do. Everything about imaging, be it expert retouching or reproducing with pin-point accuracy and color acuity.

And we’re more than a graphics resource. From our founding in 1949, and since our inception in the Bay Area in 1984, Andresen has stayed at the forefront of impactful brand graphics with a blend of ideation and standout imaging. It’s what we call brand imagineering—a collaborative, customized approach, to creating innovative visuals and solutions to practically every communication challenge.

Through constant innovation, Andresen has become the most relied upon graphic imaging resource, trusted by many Bay Area companies to deliver stunning large format environmental graphics, digital and offset printing, and unique one-off customized brand expressions with impeccable execution and the best in project management.


Announcing our brand-new brand.

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Our look & feel:

At Andresen, our passion is helping other companies express the essence of their brands through high-quality graphic imaging. So we needed a new brand identity that reflects what we’re really all about, too: the excitement we feel when we get to wow! you with our work. For everyone on the Andresen team, the goal is to create the very best in imaging and more for each client.

New Tech:

Our goal is to advance our technology so that we can advance your brand. At Andresen, we are always keeping our production tools updated, online, and dialed-in. Our team seeks out new innovations in imaging technology so we can produce cutting-edge results in large format graphics, offset & specialty printing, environmental graphics, fulfillment, signage, and more.


Our latest addition.

We have enhanced our large format capabilities with installation of a cutting-edge Vutek H3.The H3’s UV ink color cures immediately, allowing for printing on difficult surfaces. And, its unique white ink can create striking effects on clear or translucent materials, even plexi or glass.

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Making impressions

Our work is everywhere. And it stands out. From construction fence graphics displayed at a Stanford University campus site, to event installs at Salesforce’s Dreamforce®, to large format graphics installed in corporate facilities all over the world for some of the largest companies in Silicon Valley, Andresen is all about producing impressionable and superior graphics.

Andresen’s brand imagineering for product launches, marketing campaigns, corporate re-brands, and more is recognized throughout the Bay Area for our high standard of excellence. Our attention to detail shows in our color accuracy, unique customization, and fit and finish—all done while meeting the timeline that your company requires.

Year after year, our testimonials, client loyalty, and continuous referrals prove that we consistently go above and beyond.




Over our history, we’ve produced work for some of the largest global brands, including automakers, computer technology innovators, software mavericks, and insurance companies. We’ve worked with agencies and brand design firms of all stripes, as well as practically every type of product and service provider. We can even call the first company valued at one trillion dollars an Andresen customer.



Years Serving THE BAY AREA

Being centered in a cultural and technological hub like the Bay Area, we know our clients seek the very best in the field. Andresen is constantly innovating to offer the new technology solutions, refined workflows, and equipment advances necessary to meet every creative challenge and stay at the forefront of brand imaging.




Over 3000 times a year, clients trust us with their projects. We pride ourselves in repeat business and customer referrals. We believe in doing the job right and going above and beyond customer expectations. For that, we’ve been rewarded time and time again with what we value most: trust.


Select Solutions

Over the years, Andresen has become a trusted graphics resource, specializing in large-format environmental graphics, digital printing, offset printing, and unique projects for major brands. We are always focused on finding a customized solution that fits your brand and meets your creative challenges. This is what makes us about imaging and more.

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We’ve expanded our technical range in large-format work with the installation of a cutting-edge Vutek H3. The H3 printer is capable of imaging on 10 foot wide rigid board or roll material. The H3’s UV ink means color cures immediately, which allows for printing on difficult surfaces. Plus, use of a unique white ink on the H3 creates striking effects on clear or translucent materials, even plexi or glass.


We apply our versatile imaging expertise to all of our work, whether it is large-format digital printing, customized marketing solutions, or acting as a creative support studio for top ad agencies. Andresen’s team of highly talented retouchers, CGI artists, and print media specialists provide unparalleled creative collaboration and brand imagineering for some of the world’s largest companies and advertising campaigns.


The substrate possibilities are almost endless at Andresen. We can print on UltraBoard™, foam board, flute cardboard, acrylic, wood ceramic tiles, and even bricks up to 2” thick. If it can lay flat, chances are we can print on it. So let your imagination soar! As for color, the Vutek incorporates the Pantone® EFI loop system, great for color matching. Test us! You’ll be amazed at our color-matching ability and attention to detail, right down to the smallest 5pt type.


There’s no unique request that we haven’t heard—and delivered on— before. Our imaging work ranges from signage to special production, kitting to key fob boxes, back-lit wall panels to cloth-bound books. Andresen’s vast expertise allows us to meet your company’s creativechallenges and create graphics that stand out, no matter the format.


With Andresen’s decades of experience, our team has the distinctive ability to act as your project management adjunct. We know that not every in-house or agency team has the ability to be available throughout every graphics project. That’s where we come in: our dedicated staff is your staff when you need fast-paced or complex projects handled by highly experienced people. You can trust our team to get it done so that you can use your team where you need them most.

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October 2018

“Andresen really made our brand come to life in a visual takeover of our hotel lounge environment during Dreamforce. Their know-how and dedicated team delivered everything we asked of them,

…and more.”

Ken Cook — Executive Creative Director, DocuSign / Read About the Project



Ask any of us anything

Andresen’s dedicated and professional staff focuses on tested workflows to recommend the best solutions for your brand. We execute your ideas and imaging needs in the timeframe that you require, delivering even on the tightest schedules.

Besides our customization ability, what sets us apart from other graphics providers is our project management department. With decades of experience and know-how, our skilled project managers act as an extension of your organization to guide your brand’s graphics ideas all the way from concept to reality.

Our expert staff, advanced technology, and wide range of experience means that we’re set up to immediately tackle any request. No matter the challenging logistics, unique design attributes, or tight timeframes, we are ready to exceed your expectations.            



A dedicated account manager is just a call or email away. We’re proud of our reputation for excellence and partnership. We’re here for you anytime.


Our technical team and project managers bring their unparalleled skills and knowledge to every project. No matter the logistics, unique requests, or time frames, we are ready to use our know-how to take on your creative challenge.


Many on our team have 20+ years of creating the most extraordinary graphic solutions and stunning large format graphics. We’re always working to realize your vision. Let us help you with a solution.