Since our inception in the Bay Area in 1984, Andresen has been at the forefront of imaging and brand imagineering. To stay at the leading edge we’ve constantly innovated; in capacity, technology, and technique. All that innovation requires a facility that’s equal to the task and can scale with our expanded capabilities. So, we have relocated to a larger space that can accommodate new, precise, and powerful equipment. Now, we can offer our clients even more since our team has room to handle any graphical or print challenge thrown our way. But it really doesn’t matter where we have relocated, our loyal customers will not even feel any difference. Our unrelenting pursuit of quality, excellence, and customer service, hasn't gone away.                

Over the years, Andresen has become a trusted graphic resource that specializes in creating stunning large format environmental graphics, digital printing, offset printing, and special one-off customized solutions for major brands. We never say no, we’re all about imaging and more.

Andresen’s dedicated professional staff focuses on tested solutions, resulting in effective work-flows, designed to execute your ideas and brand imaging needs in the time-frame you require. Even when time is of the essence. Our project management team is tremendously experienced, highly skilled, trained on our core services, and having worked together as a team so long (most of us for many years), that we’re very effective, in spite of challenging logistics, unique design requests, or tight time-frames.             



Recently, we further enhanced our large format expertise with installation of a cutting-edge Vutek H3. The H3 printer is capable of imaging on 10 feet wide rigid board or roll material. And H3’s UV inks means color cures immediately, which allows for printing on difficult surfaces. Plus, use of a unique white ink on the H3, creates striking effects on clear or translucent materials, even plexi or glass.

The substrate possibilities are almost endless, including UltraBoard™, foam board, flute cardboard, acrylic, wood ceramic tiles, even bricks up to 2” thick. So let your imagination soar. If it can lay flat, we more than likely can print on it. As for color, the Vutek incorporates the Pantone® EFI loop system, great for matching from Pantone to CMYK. Test us! You’ll be amazed at our color-match ability, be it for products or brand ID. And, with “Ultra-Dot” capability, details such as 5pt. type is achievable.                         


Our Latex 3600 is another exceptional process that can print up to 10 foot wide on a rolled substrate. The Latex 3600 is UL Greenguard® Gold certified using  environmentally-friendly water based inks with excellent printing color gamut. We think of Latex 3600 as a high-tech-nique for super-graphics for offices and events, on surfaces like linen, cotton, vinyl, paper, backlit material, and others.